Frequently Asked Questions And
Information About Our Buying Process

1.  Should I visit the property before buying?

Yes, we recommend that you inspect the property before buying.  You should also check with the county on the zoning and approved uses of the property.  While we will do our best to tell you everything we know about each property, nothing replaces the value of doing your own research and due diligence.

2.  If I want to buy a property, what should I do next?

If you’d like to purchase one of our properties, we urge you to secure it and get it under contract as soon as possible.  You can start the process by calling or texting: (512) 416-9288 or by clicking on the ‘Claim This Land Now’ button that’s on the property listing’s page on this site.  

The land parcels on our site are priced way below market value, and because of this, they do sell fast.  Do not miss out on buying a property you want to own… claim it now before it is removed from this site.

3.  How does the land buying process work with

a.  Once you have inspected a property and are ready to purchase it, you can make an offer via the property’s listing page on this site… or you can call or text:
(512) 416-9288.  

b.  If your offer is accepted by us, we will email a Purchase and Sale Agreement to you which can be signed electronically.  Once we receive the signed contract back from you, it will be forwarded to our Title Company, a file will be opened, and the closing process will begin.

c.  When the Title Company is ready to close the transaction, they will schedule a time to have a Mobile Notary meet with you at your home, office, or any other place you choose.  At this time, the necessary paperwork will be signed and the closing process will be completed.  You will receive title insurance and clear title to the property you purchased.  We strive to make the entire buying and closing process as easy and convenient as possible for you.

4.  How much time do I have to sign and send the Purchase and Sale Agreement back to you?

To secure the land parcel you want to purchase… and to have us take it off the market… we must receive the signed Purchase and Sale Agreement back from you within 24 hours after we send it to you.

Also, a 10% Earnest Money Deposit must be wired to our Title Company within 3 business days after you sign the Agreement.  The wiring instructions for the Earnest Money Deposit and full contact information of our Title Company are found on the last page of the Purchase and Sale Agreement.

We will give you a temporary and exclusive window to lock up the property.  But, we do frequently receive multiple offers for the same property, therefore, failure to comply with the terms and deadlines above may result in us pursuing backup offers.

5.  Can I use my own Title Company for the closing?

No, and here’s why:  One part of our efficient business model - with the objective of offering you land at below-market pricing - means that we work with one Title Company who handles all of our transactions.  Their management team has over 60 years of industry experience and they are authorized to perform title services in all 50 states.  Title insurance costs are generally set and regulated by each state - not by the Title Company.  Using one Title Company increases our efficiency and allows us to offer properties at below-market pricing… in a convenient, proven, and streamlined manner.

6.  Will I receive title insurance and a clear title to the property?

Yes, you certainly will.  Additionally, our Title Company takes care of all the title work and handles the entire process of closing the transaction.  At closing, you will receive a title insurance policy and clear title to the property you purchase.  That’s why we close with a Title Company.

7.  Will I need to travel anywhere to close the transaction?

No.  The entire transaction can be completed via phone, email, and using a Mobile Notary (who will meet with you at your convenience).  Once the Purchase & Sale Agreement is signed by you, we forward it to the Title Company and they open the file and begin the closing process.  When the Title Company is ready to close the transaction, they will schedule a time to have a Mobile Notary meet with you at any location you request to complete the paperwork.  We strive to make the entire buying process quick, easy, and convenient for you.

8.  Is a real estate brokerage firm?

No, is not a real estate brokerage firm.  And because or this, there are no real estate commissions that you will need to pay.  We are an online marketplace that allows you to easily and conveniently buy discounted land directly from us without paying fees and commissions.

9.  Will someone from your company give me a tour of the property?

Unfortunately, we are not set up to ‘show’ properties… as we have properties for sale in multiple states.  Every land parcel for sale on our site includes maps, photos, and GPS coordinates you can use (along with your smart-phone) to drive out and inspect the property at your convenience.

You are free to ‘walk the property’… all we ask is that you do not go onto the surrounding neighbors’ properties, or disturb the neighbors.

10.  Do I need to use a real estate agent or an attorney to buy land from your company?

No, you do not.  A real estate agent or an attorney is not necessary to close the transaction as our Title Company handles everything for you.  We would also note that our pricing does not include commissions or fees.  We price and market our land for a quick sale and to give you the absolute lowest, best price possible.

11.  How are you able to offer your land parcels at such low prices?

There are numerous reasons.  First, because of our unique and proprietary marketing and land acquisition practices, we are able to “buy low and sell low”.  By harnessing the ‘power of the Internet’ and using numerous online systems, we have been able to streamline our processes (thus reducing costs) - which means we can sell land to you at a ‘wholesale price’ that is far below the current market value of the property.  

Also, we are a high-volume buyer and seller of land and are able to take advantage of the ‘economies of scale’.  This allows us to buy land at a fair price… and then sell it to you at a substantial discount - that you cannot get anywhere else.  

Finally, we have become experts in the counties in which we buy and sell land.    We know which counties are desirable to land buyers… and exactly how much we should pay for properties in those counties.  We then price it at a low price that allows for a very quick sale.  This is the primary reason our properties sell so fast.

12.  What is the difference between your land vs. comparable land that’s selling at higher prices?

Mostly, just a lot of dollars and cents.  

The main difference between the land we sell vs. other land you may see that’s priced considerably higher…. are the goals and motivations of who is selling the land.  Many land owners are content to wait years until a buyer comes along who will pay their FULL retail asking price.  For these sellers, this is akin to finding a needle in a haystack (a buyer who is willing to pay full market price).  But again, they are perfectly content to wait it out - sometimes for years - and hope that one day, they will receive their full asking price for the land.   

At LowCostLand, our business model is the complete opposite.  We buy low and sell at a slightly higher price.  In most cases, our goal is to hold the land for a short period of time - sometimes just days or weeks.  To achieve this short hold time, we price all our properties substantially lower than current market value. Other than the difference in seller motivations, the big difference is the value you are receiving.

13.  If I need to have a septic system installed on the property,
will you offer an additional discount?

Every property we offer is already priced significantly below its current market
value. This also includes a built-in “Septic System Discount” if the property
will require a septic system to be installed. Today, there is a broad range of
septic systems to choose from that vary in size, design, and cost. The discounts
we offer on each of our properties factor in the prospect of adding a septic
system, if one is required.

14.  Many of the properties for sale on your site are “Unrestricted Land”.  What does this mean?

Unrestricted land parcels are ideal for mobile homes, modular homes, custom-built homes, barndominiums, RV’s, storage buildings, etc.  In most cases, there are no restrictions on what you can do with these properties.  

Buying and selling unrestricted land parcels is one of our specialties.  In many counties, it’s hard to find unrestricted land that is for sale.  This is another reason why our land parcels sell so quickly.

15.  What guarantees do you offer?

We guarantee a free and clear title on all properties we sell.  We only conduct transactions using our Title Company who has over 20 years of experience.  Using a Title Company ensures that a professional service is reviewing all title documents and is a means of protecting yourself regarding the rights to ownership of your property.  

Basically, we guarantee that when ownership transfers to you, the property is free and clear and has a marketable title.

16.  Are there any liens on the properties?

No.  We guarantee a free and clear marketable title on all properties we sell..

17.  Will I receive a survey of the property I purchase?

 No.  At the low prices we sell these properties, we do not incur the expense of providing a survey.

18.  Are there any fees charged in addition to the sales price of the property?

Yes, there are the standard closing fees charged by the Title Company for each property purchased.  These fees cover the eventual document transfer fee charged by the respective counties, title insurance, and a recording fee of the deed documents.  Prior to closing, the Title Company will send you a copy of the HUD-1 Settlement Statement for your review, that will list the standard closing fees.

19.  Can I buy more than one property?

Yes of course, you can purchase as many properties as you want.

20.  Who do I contact if I have questions about a specific property?

Please call or text us at: (512) 416-9288, anytime 24/7.

10 Good Reasons To Buy Land

#1: You get a great deal!  All of our lots are priced below market value.

#2: You’ll own a real estate asset with instant equity.  From day one, the property you purchase from us is worth more money than what you paid for it.

#3: We are the “McDonalds” of selling land.  We have proven and efficient ‘cookie-cutter’ processes in place to offer the best pricing while making it extremely convenient and easy for you.

#4: We have lots of happy customers.  We strive to provide excellent customer service and our goal is to make sure that you, too, are happy!

#5: You will receive title insurance and clear title to the property you purchase from us.

#6:  Our Title Company does all the title work and professionally handles the entire process of closing the transaction.

#7:  You do not pay any real estate commissions or fees.

#8:  The Team prides itself in being honest… hard-working… competent… friendly… and dedicated to our customers.

#9:  You can buy a property from us without ever having to leave your home (with the exception of driving out to look at the property).  This is because our Title Company will send a Mobile Notary to meet with you at your home (or any other place you request) to complete the transaction.

#10:  We make the process of buying land as easy and convenient for you as possible… and our goal is that you will enjoy working with us and will be extremely happy with your purchase.