About Us:

LowCostLand.com was founded to provide you with a quick and easy way to purchase low-cost land.  We cut out third parties, unnecessary steps, and red tape, allowing you to go from seeing land to owning land as quickly as possible.

Our site offers inexpensive yet desirable land for sale in size parcels ranging from individual building lots to multi-acre tracts.  We purchase at wholesale prices, and then pass on substantial savings to you.

In addition to offering you great prices on land, we also provide great customer service.  We take pride in providing individual attention to each of our customers.  (Be sure to read the Customer Reviews on our site.)

The properties we offer include a wide range of rolling hills, wooded areas, access to water and beautiful vistas.  Most of the low-cost land deals we offer are just a short drive away from major cities.

All transactions include the option of Title Insurance on the property and are closed with a local Title Company.

Whether you are looking for a home site, vacation site, a recreational property, or for a large parcel to develop as an investment, LowCostLand.com, with our excellent customer service, is here to help. 

LowCostLand.com is your premier source for high-value, low-cost land.  We look forward to doing business with you.